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July 4th Fireworks

ImageThe July 4th Maxine Sherman Memorial Annual Fireworks display presented at Wigeon Bay in Clearlake Oaks every year is a cherished tradition in this area.  Maxine Sherman was a CLOGBA member who was convinced of the importance of putting on this yearly display and worked hard to make that happen.  She lobbied the community relentlessly and put on numerous fund-raisers to support it.  CLOGBA members eventually voted to name the event after her.  Maxine died December 26, 1999, but her legacy lives on in the annual fiery explosions in the sky she so loved over the community she worked so hard for.  Thanks, Maxine.

The fireworks are launched from Clearlake Oaks Beach Park beginning at dusk.  The best (and most fun) viewing area is from a boat, anchored east of Rattlesnake Island.  No boat?  Next best viewing areas is from Clarks Island.

Donations to the fireworks display may be made by clicking the donate button on the right.  Thank You.

The 2014 Maxine Sherman Memorial Annual Fireworks display will be held at dusk, Thursday, July 3rd.