2019 Accomplishments

Once again, we can be proud of the significant charitable contributions we distributed throughout the county.  During the course of the year, we donated over $27,160.00 to various worthy causes.  The breakdown is as follows:

Eskaton $500
Clearlake Oaks Fireworks $11,000
Hospice Services $500
Lower Lake High School  Scholarships $4,000
Lake County Fair $160
LC Silver Foundation $500
Lower Lake High Drama Deptartment $1,250
Lower Lake High Sober Grad Night $500
Lower Lake Youth Football $6000
Lower Lake Cemetery $500
Lower Lake Methodist Church $500
Orphan Dog $500
Redwood Community $250
 Lower Lake High DC Trip  $1000


The primary source of our funds is our annual Catfish Derby.  Thanks to the able leadership of Catfish Derby Chairpersons, Gail & Jim Jonas and Dennis Locke, the multitude of hard-working volunteers, and the generosity of sponsors and donors, the Derby has been a resounding success; providing excitement and family fun for catfish anglers while bringing in considerable extra commerce to our community.

XMAS Food BasketsEast Lake Students and member Doreen PostenWith CLOGBA funds, Red and White Market sponsorship, help from some CLOGBA members and students from East Lake School, we distributed 20 Christmas meal boxes to needy families in our area.

Our Maxine Sherman Memorial Annual Fireworks once again delighted crowds on the lake and on the shore.  Thank you, Alvaro Valencia for chairing that project and thank you to the multitude of sponsors who contribute each year to the Fireworks success.

We also have a number of speakers presenting topics of local interest at our monthly membership meetings throughout the year. 

Thanks to everyone for working together to accomplish all that we have done to date.